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Palmela 2011 Testimonials

This conference for me is the first time, so I can not say that it is good but it is more than wonderful, I met and got to know people are fantastic, I got to know an excellent experience, but I hope to take care of most associated with the trade exhibition contains galleries are good and the participation of many major companies. Thanks to all organizer staff.
Hatem Alghamdi, Saudi Arabia

It was my second time at IVRPA Conferences. 360 times AWESOME!!! Nice to meet again "old faces" and "new faces" in this great 360 family! Congratulations for the Pousadas staff, very kind people! I also have a special words for the Palmela 2011 organization, specially for Sandra, Carlos and Willy: I love you all!!! (Carlos not so much, because he forgot me at the gas station with my ice cream!) And thanks for everyone who attended, without you, this kind of event is not possible!! Best wishes from Brazil, Thomas Erh
Thomas Erh - Shots 360, Brazil

It was a great conference: a lot to learn, great speakers, the best participants, enjoyed meeting everyone and showing my country around. Thank you all for trusting us and participating!
Sandra Mexa, Barreiro, Portugal

I just arrived from my one month trip to Europe including the first week attending Palmela 2011 and I want to thank Carlos and all the organization for one of the greatest Conferences I have attended!
Isaac Martinez, Costa Rica

Fantastic event - really enjoyed the opportunity to meet many talented and experienced people from many different countries: all very well organised and enjoyable - never a dull monent. Well done and thank you to all involved in the organisation - looking forward to the next event (and to improving my skills).
Haydn Thomas, Nantwich, UK

My first IVRPA meeting, good food, good people and fantastic views. Nothing was to much trouble and help was always on hand. Just need to get to the jim to lose some of that good food!. Big thank you to all, Outstanding.
Martin Hopkins, UK

Terrific event and a heartfelt thank you to Carlos, Sandra, Willy and all the IVRPA members involved in organizing the festival. I met some great and talented people, gained valuable information, tips etc. and drank lots of delicious cold Portugese beer ..and some wine too :-)) ..muito obrigado e até breve
Bob Masters, Barcelona, Spain

Brilliant.! ! ! Although I got my nikon coolpix 950 some years ago, I am starting again in this amazing world. I was totally surprised to see of your high level in panos. Many freaks, many good people, amazing ! ! ! ! . It was a pleasure to share my time with you. Thank you very much for your work. Congratulations ! ! !
raimon, barcelona, Spain

Went there, did (some of) that, will never be the same. Psychedelic! I am grateful to Sam Rohn for making me go, the organizers for making it happen, and Pamela for making such great wine.
Thomas K Sharpless, Philadelphia

It was a really great event and I'd like to warmly thank Carlos and Willy for the organisation. Thanks also for the opportunity to make new friends and learning a lot from various perspectives. Finally, I have to say it was quite magical to put faces on company names I was seeing only on my computer screen, I feel now I am a (small) part of a community, so a big thanks to the IVRPA team to make this happen.
Gallant Frederic, Yokohama / Japan

As a director of the IVRPA and even more more as a happy participator of the event my poor words cannot express how much I want to thank Carlos and Sandra for what they have done for me and the panorama community in general. You have achieved by far more then anybody could have expected.
Jürgen Schrader, Bavaria

As Carlos said: "We meet as Strangers - but we depart as friends". Really a great event - enjoyed it very much. Thanks to all that made it possible. Ciao Mike
Michael Hundrieser, Neufeld / Germany

I enjoyed Palmela 2011 and Portugal so much that I wanted to go back... I met lots of great people at the Conference and hope to meet them again, for now I just watch the little pano I shot at the end and can't belive I was part of it! Carlos, Sandra, Willy and Others thank you all for the effort of organizing the Conference! put the speakers on :) it is just a fast pano, I need more time for the whole Palmela 2011 virtual Tour Darek
Darek Czarnecki, Poland

I really liked to attend Palmela 2011 to meet the participants in person which many I knew from a distance. Thanks for all of the participants and speakers who shared their knowledge and experiences with us. This was a great event because of this sharing and magical for our common passion in photography. Thank you to Carlos, Willy, the curators and all the people who worked hard to make this happen! Palmela 2011 will stay in my mind for a long time and also that was so exciting to discover Portugal at the same time.
Jean-Pierre Lavoie, Montreal

I have finally arrived back in NZ safely. Palmela feels like a lifetime away, a bit of a dream really. I just wanted to say thank you to all of those involved, especially Carlos, for such a great conference. It was run to perfection and met all of my expectations and more. The friendly people we met, the content of the talks, the location, the food, the tours. Not to mention the castle! It was all so amazing and I can’t wait for the next one. Bring on NY. Thank you again and I look forward to catching up with everyone in the future.
Jason Barr, New Zealand

Very well planned and executed. Not just speechs, but also local culture and turism. High level speechers, location, food ,,, and extremely friendely. I did many many friends theres. Special thanks for Carlos, Willy, Jook ...
Jose Pedro Russo, SãoPaulo, Brasil

Carlos & Willy made an astounding work for Palmela 2011, and it was a great event I really enjoyed to be part of :)
Vincèn PUJOL, Grenoble, France

I am very excited about the Palmela 2011 Panoramic Photography Festival. Great event, very carefully prepared, well organized (despite the huge number of participants), great talks, tasty wine, interesting evening happenings and weekend tours to the country. I recommend to everybody.
Jan Vrsinsky, Prague, Czech Republic

I have only one thing to say in true Scottish Tradition: Fandabbydozy!
Andrew Baddeley, Scotland

Great conference. Very well organised - thank you very much Carlos and others. Very friendly atmosphere and especially great to see unique works and unique people. What else can you dream of. A lot of new friends, good weather, good food, great new \"toys\", new tips and tricks... Hope to see all next year.
Kimmo Turtiainen, Finland

For was the first event of this level, and it was incredible to feel that kind of sensation with all of you. We feel like we were at home with plenty of friends. The organizations was great and everything was perfect. For us was incredible to share our little history and to learn A LOT from others. Thanks Carlos Chegado, Sandra Mexa, Willy Kaemena and of course IVRPA for build such a Event. Also it´s an opportunity to meet other people and to chat or discuss professional things. Thanks all of you for making us participants and to share so many things with us. Team, Valencia, Spain

I learned so much and being able to meet with everyone was wonderful. I've had really appreciated every minutes of this 2011 edition. I will definitively attend next year conference. Thanks Carlos and your team for all the work done for us.

This event exceeded all my expectations. A huge thank you to all those who worked so hard to make it happen. Met so many people who over the course of just a week became friends. I learned loads and swapped ideas with fascinating chracaters. I have just one complaint; too much cake! I'm still trying to sweat it all off in the gym. Looking forward to meeting up again next year.
Marcus Hamilton, London

Palmela 2011 gave me lots of inspiration, new insights and a chance to meet some of the best panographers from around the world. It was my first time in Portugal, which I got to know as a friendly and beautiful country. Thank you for this very well organized event.
Pierre Gielen, Boxmeer, Netherlands

Thank you very much for a fantastic festival! I have got many new friends and a lot of inspiration. As well as I discovered Palmela and Portugal. Thank you!
Danila Razin, Norway, Oslo

It was a great pleasure to see the VR community united in one place and meet many new faces. Thanks again a lot to Carlos and Sandra! Thank you very much for your hard work and time you put into organising this event. This was by far the best IVRPA event ever!
Matthias Taugwalder, Zurich, Switzerland

Thanks to the organizers and personally Carlos Chegado, for the excellent organization of the Palmela 2011 Festival. Conference, all participants, exhibitions, accommodation, meals, excursions - everything was just fine! Thanks for the good times and memories! Andrew, Irina and Timur Bodrov
Andrew Bodrov, Tallinn, Estonia

This is the first time I participated in an event like Palmela 2011. A perfect organization at all levels. Congratulations to the organizer team for contents, conferences quality, impeccable activities and services and principally, unforgettable encounters. Thank you very much to all for your hospitality and your sincere friendship !
Alain Hamblenne, Liège (Belgium)

Palmela2011 conference was "the nodal point of the panorama world" (quote by an attendee of the conference). The organization up to the tiniest details was at the highest professional levels possible, and for this we need all to thank all the organizers and volonteers who did an incredible, never seen before, amount of work which made the experience amazing. The sessions were great and the level of sharing was very high, even more then to what we are accustomed to on the list. The exhibitions were mind blowing! And well, the region and food was outstanding. The VR panorama is a global community of very special people, and we are connected all the time through a variety of digital means, but here, we were together with our physical bodies, and this was wonderful. I consider myself very lucky to have been able to be there, thanks Carlos ;-)
Marco Trezzini, Lugano, Switzerland

This was a fantastic festival! It was the first time I was there and my expectations were far exceeded. Thanks a lot for the excellent organization - especially to Carlos and Willy. I have met many new friends and learned a lot from the world's best photographers. It's a great 360Family!
Willi Eckloff, Hamburg, Germany