Palmela 2011 Banquet

The Palmela 2011 Banquet will take place at the Palmela Castle Pousada, and is open to all Palmela 2011 Conference attendees.


  • Cold Cream of beet mousse with cheese
  • Poultry liver sautéed with moscatel wine and apples filled with raisins
  • Roasted pork tenderloin over cabbage stew with sausage
  • Manioc flour with egg on soup strawberries soup


  • Mineral Water
  • Red and white wine from the Pousadas cellar
  • Coffee/Tea
The Palmela 2011 Banquet will take place on June 1 at the Palmela Castle Pousada starting at 8pm.
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Palmela 2011 Conference attendees that prefer a vegetarian course or a non-pork option at dinner, should contact the Palmela Castle staff on June 1 during lunch time to inform them of your food choices. The Palmela Castle Chef will prepare a vegetarian or chicken main course for those that ask for it.