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All Eyez on me! Aqui o chicote estala fio..
Estou fora de mimizinhos de grupinhos to fora.
Gr34tz: Team Hack Argentino - P4r4d0x Cr3w - PurgatoryBR

Palmela 2011 Banquet

The Palmela 2011 Banquet will take place at the Palmela Castle Pousada, and is open to all Palmela 2011 Conference attendees. Dinner Cold Cream of beet mousse with cheese Poultry liver sautéed with moscatel wine and apples filled with raisins Roasted pork tenderloin over cabbage stew with sausage Manioc flour with egg on soup strawberries soup Drinks Mineral Water Red and white wine from the Pousadas cellar Coffee/Tea The Palmela 2011 Banquet will take place on June 1 at the Palmela Castle Pousada starting at 8pm.Check and...

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Conference Lunch Buffets

The Palmela 2011 Conference Lunch Buffets will be served daily by the Palmela Castle Pousada to all Palmela 2011 Conference attendees on the São João Theater 1st Floor. June 1 Cold Dishes Snack tray Roast Beef with Mustard Sauce and Eggplant Mousse Selection of Pork Sausages Lettuce Salad with Croutons Radicchio with Rucola Salad, Tomato and Cheese Endives salad with sour apples, watercress and walnuts Carrot Salad Vinaigrette Mussel salad with peppers Beet Salad with Olives Onion Quiche and bacon Potato chips Hot Dishes Cream of...

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Tutorials Lunch Buffet

The Palmela 2011 Tutorials Lunch Buffet takes place on May 31 and it’s open to all Tutorials Attendees and Palmela 2011 Vendors. Will be served by Palmela Castle Pousada on São João Theater 1st. Floor. Cold Dishes Snack tray Asparagus salad with apples and lettuce Atabafado cheese salad with honey and walnuts on tomato carpacio Endive and watercress salad with nuts Beet salad Pig’s ear salad Selection of sausages Cornucopias of ham and egg threads Poultry pies Terrine of venison Roast beef with ancient mustard Potato chips Hot...

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Coffee Breaks

Palmela 2011 Coffee Breaks will be served twice a day by the Palmela Castle Pousada at the São João Theater and include the following: Espresso Coffee Milk Tea Natural Orange Juice Sparkling Water Mineral Water Assortment of Cookies Assortment of Cakes Austrian Chocolates, courtesy of Garden Gnome Software Coffee Breaks will be served twice a day at 11am and 4:30pm except on June 4 (morning only).Check and subscribe to the Palmela 2011 Schedule for updated...

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