How to get here!

Lisbon Airport Connections

Lisbon Airport Connections

You can reach Palmela from anywhere in the world by Plane, Train, Bus or Car.

Step 1: Get to the Lisbon Airport

As you can see here, the Lisbon International Airport is very well–connected to the rest of the world and will be easy to find a flight from wherever you are to Lisbon.
You can check the list of airlines flying to Lisbon.

To search for the best flight prices, check Kayak or Expedia, but there are many other options out there.

Step 2a: Get a taxi to the Roma/Areeiro Train Station

Lisbon Taxi

Lisbon Taxi

IMPORTANT TIP for getting a taxi at LISBON AIRPORT:
If you want to take a cab from the Airport to the city center or train station, DON’T go to the queue outside arrivals.
Not all of the drivers here are dishonest but there’s a big change that you will be ripped off.
Instead of that, follow the signs saying departures, go to the entrance lobby and get out through the exit door.
Outside you’ll find a lot of taxis waiting and these drivers here are much more reliable.
This Taxi ride usually costs around 10 Euro.

You will find taxis at train stations and the airport and other important places. Taxis can also be hailed easily in the street.
All taxis are equipped with meters. Be advised that luggage in the trunk carries an extra charge.

Step 2b: Get a bus to the Roma/Areeiro Train Station

Carris Bus

Carris Bus

Carris, the public bus service in Lisbon is quite good and provides services to and from the Airport to Lisbon city center and main Metro and Train interfaces.

From the Airport you can take the Aerobus 91 line to Cais do Sodré that will drop you in most convenient places in Lisbon or preferable the Carris 705 Bus line that can take you from the Airport to Roma/Areeiro train station.

Step 3: Get the train to Palmela

Fertagus Train

Fertagus Train

The Fertagus Train from Lisbon to Palmela courtesy of Willy Kaemena.

Fertagus in Portugal

Escape the busy streets of Lisbon by taking the Fertagus short train ride to Palmela. At the airport, get a taxi to the Roma–Areeiro train station where you can get this train to Palmela for 3,85 €. The train is cheap but you still get the scenic view of Lisbon when crossing the 25 de Abril bridge that looks a lot like the Golden Gate Bridge except in size.

At the Palmela train station the Palmela 2011 organization will provide minibus services to carry all attendees to the hotel and conference venues.

Optional: Get a car

If you prefer to travel by car, from the airport you are just 30 minutes away and the drive is very easy, mostly highway right into Palmela, just check this Google Map.

If you are arriving during the day, you should head for the Cine–Teatro São João where the organization will be based during the conference. If you are arriving late or way too early, just head on to the Palmela Castle Pousada, we will all be there.

It is very difficult to miss Palmela when coming from Lisbon from the Vasco da Gama Bridge, just look strait ahead, that hill with a castle on top of it is where you will spend the first week in June.


  • One important thing you should do is notify the Palmela 2011 organization about your travel plans so that our transport coordinator Willy Kaemena can handle your arrival and departure in a timely fashion.
  • Remember that, to attend the Tutorial Sessions on May 31, 2011, you’re advised to arrive in Palmela the day before, May 30, or very early on May 31, check the official schedule for updated information.
  • To attend the Palmela 2011 Conference program, you are advised to arrive on May 30 in the afternoon to check in and take some time to visit the panoramic vendor’s showcase at the Cine–Teatro São João.
  • The Palmela 2011 Conference Program ends June 5 in the afternoon after the Palmela Panoramic Photo Safari, plan to return that evening or if you have a spare day, plan to return on June 6 without any hassle.
  • If you are coming from far away and want to take some time to explore Portugal, you can benefit form the same Palmela 2011 rates at the Pousada up to a week before and and a week after the conference, depending on availability.