Are you up for a train ride to Lisbon?

Willy Kaemena, the Palmela 2011 Transportation Coordinator, shares some travel tips about train options to Lisbon.

It is time to buy your ticket and flying is not always a MUST.
From the Benelux, Germany, London and France it is cheap, fast, comfortable and fun to go by train to Lisbon.
To get an idea about European long–distance travel in high–speed trains across Europe between Bremen and Lisbon, check this video:

If you book NOW the prices are very LOW. From Paris to the Spanish border from where you change to the hotel train to Lisbon is now only 22€.
820km in TGV at 300km/h! that is an unbelievably low price! No hidden costs, no luggage weight limitations, no security queues…
Book the ticket at TGV– (Paris to Irun, Spain, departs at 15:50 and connects to the hotel train).

22€ Paris to Irun (Spain) on TGV with 300km/h in 5h from the heart of Paris.

TGV ticket Paris to Irun (Spain)

TGV ticket Paris - Irun (Spain)

London to Paris Eurostar High Speed Train 2:30h for only 42€ (36GBP) HURRY UP only a few tickets left for this price!

Eurostar ticket London to Paris

Eurostar ticket London - Paris

Hotel Train from the French border (Irun) to Lisbon can be booked from 62 days before the travel date here.

A summary of all tips how to travel overland to Portugal can be found here: even if this site is used by travelers originating in London, it can be used also for other countries because the best “gateway” to Portugal is Paris when traveling from central / northern Europe and UK.

For travelers from the Netherlands to Portugal:
You can reach Paris in about 3h from Amsterdam and with Thalys 300km/h High Speed Train tickets are available from 35€ ! Bookable 62 days in advance.
Set your alarm for the end of March ;-)
Amsterdam to Spain in less then 9h for (vanaf) 57€, no hidden costs, no taxes, no luggage restrictions and enjoy downtown Paris for some hours or more!