World Wide Streetviews

Palmela 2011 - World Wide Streetviews Exhibition

An IVRPA exhibition project for Palmela 2011 – The International Panoramic Photography Festival

The Idea

The Palmela Municipality, the Setúbal Wine Route and the local tourist businesses of Palmela have made some generous offers to the IVRPA which have enabled us to make this years International Panoramic Photography Festival the biggest and most rewarding event in the field of panoramic imaging ever. In order to give something back, not only to these people but also to the entire community of people living in Palmela, we decided to put up a huge exhibition of our craft. But not just in an insular place like a hotel hall or a gallery. Instead we want to take our work into those parts of town where it will be exposed to as many people as possible, right into the heart of Palmela Old Town.

The Palmela Old Town with pedestrian streets leading to the castle is a place with many nice restaurants and cozy bars. Most of their owners are very happy to share their spaces with us and let us hang a couple of printed panoramas on their walls.

We want to encourage a spirit of sharing, as panorama photographers invade Palmela and photograph every inch of it, for the rest of the world to view. The people of Palmela will be able to view the places we, and our fellow photographers not in attendance, have come from.

The Photography

As an association of highly skilled professionals, we want to show that when it comes to street-views of the world, panoramas can be the answer to show a broader view, more inclusive and connected to real life happenings around us. So please go out and photograph an authentic piece of your surroundings, show the residents and visitors in Palmela a piece of your everyday life in the streets, capture unique moods, expressive lights, urban and rural surroundings and whatever you think deserves to be in this special exhibition.

Who can participate?

Every panoramic photographer, regardless of their attendance at the festival or IVRPA membership is welcome to send in submissions for this exhibition.

1. Send a preview of the pictures you want to submit in jpg format and not larger then 2000 px wide by filling in the form below.

2. Please make sure to fill out correct IPTC data of your submissions. Besides your full name and address we need title and caption of the image and its original size. The images will be tagged with name, address and – if available – the homepage of the photographer.

3. Photographers whose pictures are chosen for the exhibition will get a notice latest April 30th 2011. Please make sure to have the image file available with sufficient resolution to print the desired size. We will print and mount the pictures at no cost for you and prepare them for the exhibition.

4. The municipality of Palmela will produce and distribute a guide with a map where the exhibitions are.

5. You will of course retain your full copyright and the pictures will not be used in any other way than being printed for the exhibition and shown on the Palmela 2011 website gallery.

Want to participate?

Great, we’re honored, just fill in the form below, máx. 3 submissions p/ photographer. Dead line is April 30, but better if you can submit your work sooner rather than later.
This is a curated showcase, not a contest, there are no prizes to win here, you will get back the warmth and joy of participating in this event, and our sincere thanks for it.
This exhibition will be open to public in Palmela from June to August 2011.
Any questions just e-mail

The Palmela 2011 – World Wide Streetviews Exhibition is coordinated by:

  • Jürgen Schrader (Germany) – Curator
  • Ana Manta (Portugal) – Mounting and logistics
  • Carlos Chegado (Portugal) – Concept and organization
  • Sandra Mexa (Portugal) – Design

World Wide Streetviews exhibition submission form (CLOSED):

Filling in and submitting the above form is all that is required for now.
If you already filled in your data and want to advance the work by sending in your high-res files, you can do so by using the WeTransfer free service and send the hi-res images using the same name and e-mail address used in the submitted form to
This will not influence the choice of images that will participate in the exhibition, but could be convenient to send the files now that you have them in the screen, rather than wait for the file request, sending the high-res files in advance can avoid last minute file transfer difficulties.

Many thanks to Ayrton Camargo for kindly allowing us to use his “Carnival, Sky on Earth” panorama.

Palmela 2011 - World Wide Streetviews Exhibition

Thank you Sandra Mexa for the art work and for suggesting Ayrton’s image to illustrate this exhibition.