Setúbal Peninsula Wine Route

We are pleased to announce the Setúbal Peninsula Wine Route as Palmela 2011 Partner. As a benefit of this partnership, Palmela 2011 attendees will get a special wine treatment with a wine tasting event on June 4 in the afternoon and at evening a special dinner at Casa Ermelinda Freitas Winery, open to all Palmela 2011 conference attendees.


The Setúbal Peninsula Wine Route exists to pleasantly surprise those who visit a region smiled upon by good fortune that, in the municipalities of Palmela, Setúbal, Montijo and Alcácer do Sal, brings together ten wineries which it is possible to become aquainted with.

From national heritage to gastronomy, natural resources to the variety and quality of accommodation: the diversity is unlimited and results in sustainable balance, with Lisbon on its doorstep.

So set off in search of the jewels hidden within this geography of favourable climate and may the traveller be alert and demanding along this path of many enchantments.

Use all five senses: taste the best that the gastronomy has to offer; listen to the bits of history that the monuments recall; touch the fine tin-glazed pottery, the clay, the handcrafted cloth; behold the river, the sea, the hills, groups of rural dwellings, palaces and smell the vines that provide us with such fine nectar.

The Setúbal Peninsula Wine Route joins the aspirations of the wineries, institutions and agents to ennoble this region’s own identity around its principal values and so making it worthwhile to visit.

The fulcrum of this project is the Wine Trail House in Palmela; inaugurated in 2000, it is set in a former winery adapted for purpose. The visitor will be taken in by the beauty of the interior of the building, by the scope and quality of the wine and regional products, as well as by the opportunity for wine tasting and scheduling guided tours of the wineries.

How to book a cellar visit
Visits to the cellars should be booked in advance.
To book a cellar visit, call or e-mail the Setúbal Península Wine Route at:
Casa Mãe da Rota de Vinhos:
Phone:(+351) 212 334 398 or e-mail:
How to book a cellar visit Setúbal Peninsula Wine Route

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