This spring we are very proud to introduce the new Roundshot VR Drive — Generation 2. We will take the opportunity at Palmela 2011 to support the IVRPA community with our sponsorship and to showcase our latest addition to the Roundshot family.


Come see the new VR Drive 2 in operation and try the “quality,” “speed,” “video” and “turntable” modes, now with vertical motor also fully spherical! Hear more about the upcoming “HDR” mode which will boost your productivity for 32-bit HDR applications.

The new VR Drive 2 is a unique piece of equipment designed for speed and ease of use. Its new touch screen control unit allows easy programming and automatic calculation of complex rows/images for a given camera lens combination.

Weighing only 2.3 kg and with compact dimensions, the fully motorized VR Drive fits into any equipment bag. It is—as is all of our panoramic equipment—produced from solid blocks of aluminum and is built to last for many years of continued operation and pleasure.

Come and meet us at our booth to hear more about the “making of” this new product. Discover the new VR Drive yourself and you will see—it’s love at first sight.

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