Our Worlds

Our Worlds

An IVRPA exhibition project for Palmela 2011 – The International Panoramic Photography Festival

The Idea

Little Planets, or Stereographic Panoramas are a unique way to display panoramic images which can resemble the planets of Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince or the work of MC Escher, showing an entire environment as a free floating planet.
Palmela 2011 – Our Worlds will showcase a curated collection of our own very special worlds.

The Photography

The Little Prince

The Little Prince

This exhibition will feature a collection of little planet panoramas made by photographers from around the world showcasing something natural like a sunset or scenic place or some spectacular architecture unique to your part of the world, be it natural or man-made, look for something that that can be its own entire world.

Submitted images should be proper stereographic projections made from full 360×180º equirectangular panoramas, will show a proper spherical nadir, and will not show a pinched spot at the center, or any visible seams in the image. The panoramas will be printed at 80x80cm (32x32in), which will require files with dimensions of 9600 x 9600 pixels, images will be printed & mounted on a circular canvas, so try to compose your images with this in mind.

Who can participate?

Every panoramic photographer, regardless of their attendance at the festival or IVRPA membership is welcome to send in submissions for this exhibition.

1. Send a preview of the planet you want to submit in jpg format and not larger then 2000 px wide by filling in the form below.

2. Please make sure to fill out correct IPTC data of your submissions. Besides your full name and address we need title and caption of the image and its original size. The images will be tagged with name, address and – if available – the homepage of the photographer.

3. Photographers whose pictures are chosen for the exhibition will get a notice latest April 30th 2011. Please make sure to have the image file available with sufficient resolution (9600 x 9600 pixels) to print the desired size. We will print and mount the pictures at no cost for you and prepare them for the exhibition.

4. This exhibition will be on display on the Cine-Teatro São João foyer in Palmela, Portugal.

5. You will of course retain your full copyright and the pictures will not be used in any other way than being printed for the exhibition and shown on the Palmela 2011 website gallery.

Want to participate?

Great, we’re honored, just fill in the form below, máx. 3 submissions p/ photographer. Dead line is April 30, but better if you can submit your work sooner rather than later.
This is a curated exhibition, not a contest, there are no prizes to win here, you will get back the warmth and joy of participating in this event, and our sincere thanks for it.
This exhibition will be open to public in Palmela from June to August 2011.
Any questions just e-mail ourworlds@Palmela2011.com.

The Palmela 2011 – Our Worlds Exhibition is coordinated by:

  • Sam Rohn (USA) – Curator and concept
  • Ana Manta (Portugal) – Mounting and logistics
  • Carlos Chegado (Portugal) – Organization
  • Sandra Mexa (Portugal) – Design

Our Worlds exhibition submission form (CLOSED):

Filling in and submitting the above form is all that is required for now.
If you already filled in your data and want to advance the work by sending in your high-res files, you can do so by using the WeTransfer free service and send the hi-res images using the same name and e-mail address used in the submitted form to ourworlds@Palmela2011.com.
This will not influence the choice of images that will participate in the exhibition, but could be convenient to send the files now that you have them in the screen, rather than wait for the file request, sending the high-res files in advance can avoid last minute file transfer difficulties.

Palmela 2011 - Our Worlds

Thank you Sandra Mexa for the art work.