Matthias Taugwalder – VR panoramas in print media, online media and on mobile devices

The Palmela 2011 Organization is pleased to announce Matthias Taugwalder as conference speaker:

Matthias Taugwalder
Born 1981 in Zermatt, Switzerland.

Currently lives in Zürich, Switzerland.


  • Studied Business Informatics at the University of Zürich.
  • His company “Concept360” offers different services in the field of panoramic photography, with a special focus on high-alpine and high-resolution panoramic photography.
  • Since 2008 member of the IVRPA board of directors.
  • Working as freelancer for different publications of the Swiss-based media company Ringier.
Matthias Taugwalder

Matthias Taugwalder talk will focus on VR panoramas in print media, online media and on mobile devices. Interactive 360 degree VR panoramas have one specific feature, that is especially interesting for media and news publications: It is possible to show a location at a specific time to someone else.
May it be a remote location hard to reach or an exclusive event to cover, there is no other media that can supply this unique immersive experience.

The Swiss-based media company Ringier has several publications that make use of VR panoramas on news websites, iPhone or iPad applications.
Matthias Taugwalder will deliver some insights into applications of VR panoramas for media, based on specific projects and assignments.

Insights from the photographer’s perspective:

  • What makes VR panoramas for media special?
  • How does this influence your workflow?
  • What are the challenges as photographer?
  • etc.

Insights from the publisher’s perspective:

  • What subjects are interesting for VR panoramas?
  • How do media and news companies work?
  • What does your client expect from you as photographer?
  • etc.


Matthias Taugwalder talk is a part of Day 3 of Palmela 2011 – The Conference and is scheduled to take place June 3, 2011, in the Cine–Teatro São João, Palmela.
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