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Masters of Contemporary Panoramic Photography

Masters of Contemporary Panoramic Photography

The Palmela 2011 Organization is pleased to announce an exhibit featuring some of the leading practitioners in the field of 360-degree digital photography – The Masters of Contemporary Panoramic Photography.

Palmela Castle by Adelino Chapa

Palmela Castle by Adelino Chapa

This exhibit will be staged among the columns and arches of the historic São Tiago Church crowning the peak at Palmela Castle. The combination of soaring light-filled spaces and brilliant graphics by a select group of our respected colleagues will make this a unique showcase for the art and science of panoramic photography. The exhibit will run throughout the summer, open to the public and promoted in local and international media.

The Idea

Digital technology has made it possible to capture and then display the entire spherical view of reality — pictures where you can look all the way around, up and down, and even zoom in and out. This is truly the cutting edge of art and science in photography.

Affordable digital cameras, ubiquitous computer use, and the internet have made it possible for almost any photographer to get involved. But only a relatively small number have stepped up to the challenge and begun to explore the potential of this new specialty. Creating these unique images is an order of magnitude more complicated and demanding than regular single-shot photography, and that hurdle alone has kept the field of practictioners small. Almost everyone who succeeds in producing a 360-degree panorama is in this sense a master.

The Photography

Beyond the technical challenges, there are cultural and artistic opportunities. This photographic form is ideal for documentation of real places – landscapes, cityscapes, interiors, events, commercial properties, even crime scenes. The inclusive and impartial nature of an all-around image contrasts with the selective and subjective nature of individual photographs, adding both to the value and the challenge. We have been given a unique opportunity to chronicle our place and time in the world.

Creative photographers are finding new ways to express their artistic vision in the 360° idiom. Spherical imagery allows us to distort conventional reality and enable the viewer to look in opposite (or all) directions in a single image. We can also place the viewpoint in improbable or impossible locations, or bring forth details normally obscured by the limitations of conventional photography. Lacking a rectangular frame and limits we must find new ways to direct the viewers’ attention and guide their exploration.

Are you a Master?

São Tiago Church

São Tiago Church

The international panoramic photography festival being held in Palmela this summer offers a perfect opportunity to recognize some of the individuals that are facing these challenges and exploring the potential of this new medium.

The photographers featured in this exhibit will been chosen for their special contributions to the field. They share a seriousness of purpose, dedication to the 360-degree view, and a personal vision of what is possible and important. They have each produced a body of work with a personal focus and specialty that also exhibits their versatility and broad competence, and have demonstrated a capacity to inspire both peers and public with their art.

Who can participate?

Every panoramic photographer, regardless of their attendance at the festival or IVRPA membership is welcome to send in submissions for this exhibition.

1. Send sample previews of 3 images you want to submit in jpg format and not larger then 2000 px wide by filling in the form below (submit the form only once).

2. Please make sure to fill out correct IPTC data of your submissions. Besides your full name and address we need title and caption of the image and its original size. The images will be tagged with name, address and – if available – the homepage of the photographer.

3. Photographers chosen for the exhibition will get a notice latest April 30th 2011. Please make sure to have the image files available with sufficient resolution (8000px wide). We will print and mount the pictures at no cost for you and prepare them for the exhibition.

4. This exhibition will feature 36 masters and will be on display at the São Tiago Church in Palmela Castle, Portugal.

5. You will of course retain your full copyright and the pictures will not be used in any other way than being printed for the exhibition and shown on the Palmela 2011 website gallery.

6. Being a curated exhibition with the special purpose to showcase a master collection of panoramic photographers, we can’t guarantee that any submitted images will be chosen to participate, however, if you feel your work as enough value that you feel it belongs here, we will be pleased to review it.

Want to participate?

Great, we’re honored, just fill in the form below, máx. 1 form submission p/ photographer (one form submission can send the 3 image previews mentioned above). Dead line is April 30, but better if you can submit your work sooner rather than later.
This is a curated exhibition, not a contest, there are no prizes to win here, you will get back the warmth and joy of participating in this event, and our sincere thanks for it.
This exhibition will be open to public in Palmela from June to August 2011.
Any questions just e-mail

The Palmela 2011 – Masters of Contemporary Panoramic Photography Exhibition is coordinated by:

  • G Donald Bain (USA) – Curator
  • Ana Manta (Portugal) – Mounting and logistics
  • Carlos Chegado (Portugal) – Concept an organization
  • Sandra Mexa (Portugal) – Design

Masters of Contemporary Panoramic Photography form (CLOSED):

Filling in and submitting the above form is all that is required for now.
If you already filled in your data and want to advance the work by sending in your high-res files, you can do so by using the WeTransfer free service and send the hi-res images using the same name and e-mail address used in the submitted form to
This will not influence the choice of masters that will participate in the exhibition, but could be convenient to send the files now that you have them in the screen, rather than wait for the file request, sending the high-res files in advance can avoid last minute file transfer difficulties.

Masters of Contemporary Panoramic Photography

Thank you Sandra Mexa for the art work.