Joergen Geerds — Panoramas and the Art Market

The Palmela 2011 Organization is pleased to announce a new Palmela 2011 speaker: Joergen Geerds

Joergen Geerds
Born 1969, Oberstreu, Germany, Resides in Astoria, New York, USA.

Studied design and communication in the University for Applied Science, Würzburg, Germany.


Inspired by the grandeur and grime of New York City, Joergen Geerds branched into panoramic photography in 2006.

Prior to finding his calling in panoramas, Geerds studied photography and design under Ernst Weckert and Nicolai Sarafov in Würzburg, Germany. He moved to New York City in 2000—he had simply outgrown his hometown—and worked for several successful years as an art director in the advertising world.

During this time, he refined his love of wide-angle photography and ventured into the world of panoramas. He found the un-cropped cityscapes that his flattened, 360-degree photos revealed were unique in the market. This led him to develop his own distinct style—large-scale, hyper-wide night panoramas of New York City.

Geerds’s photos illuminate places familiar to many, both on the macro and micro scales. But these photos also make viewers think about how and where they were taken, and deeply consider what it is about these at-first familiar haunts that so captures our attention.

After showing his work in several art shows in Brooklyn, Geerds did not go unnoticed. Since 2008, he has been represented by 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel in Chelsea, NY.

Geerds also documents his ongoing panorama work on his blog at His dedicated fine art photography can be found at, while his commercial work can be found at

Geerds maintains a lively dialogue with fellow artists and photographers across the globe, and he loves to stay at the very front of photography and technological progress in general.

Joergen Geerds Joergen Geerds Photography

Joergen’s talk will be about Panoramas and the Art Market. An attempt to show what panorama art currently sells on the market, and what possibly drives the market, with some outlook what the market expects in terms of quality and production. On another topic, Joergen will give his insight about gigapixel panoramas and will also showcase the Phanteon de la Guerre project, the story of the reconstruction of the largest painting in the world (120x15m), painted from 1914–1918 to celebrate the French allies of WW I.


Joergen’s talk is a part of Day 4 of Palmela 2011 — The Conference and is scheduled to take place June 4, 2011 at Cine–Teatro São João, Palmela.
Joergen will also participate in the Palmela 2011 — The Exhibitions program with 6 panoramas from New York City.
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Joergen Geerds Brooklyn Bridge

Joergen Geerds Brooklyn Bridge

BWAC Art Show

Joergen Geerds BWAC Art Show

Joergen Geerds BWAC Art Show

Joergen Geerds BWAC Art Show

Past Exhibitions

  • 2008 Winter Group Show, Rupert Ravens Contemporary, Newark, NJ, USA
  • 2008 Incandescent, 532 Gallery, New York, NY, USA
  • 2008 BRiDGE as iCON Group Show, Tabla Rasa Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • 2008 Photographers of BWAC, Kingsborough College, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • 2008 BWAC Spring Group Show, Redhook, Brooklyn, NY, USA (served also as show chair)
  • 2007 Points of View, Tabla Rasa Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • 2007 BWAC Fall Group Show, Redhook, Brooklyn, NY, USA (served also as show co-chair)
  • 1996 The History of Jazz (digital illustration in collaboration with Nicolai Sarafov), Hugendubel, München, Germany
  • 1995 Industrial Photography, permanent collection of the Landesgewerbeanstalt, Würzburg, Germany


  • 2006 ADDY Awards iInteractive design)
  • 2005 CIBA10 Award (interactive design)