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The Palmela 2011 Organization is pleased to announce Jeffrey Martin as conference speaker:

Jeffrey Martin
Born 1976, Chicago, USA, currently resides in Prague, Czech Republic.

He lived in Germany and the UK from early childhood, and has therefore always enjoyed an international existence.

Educated at DePauw University with a BA in English Writing. He became hooked on photography since his first photography course in 1996, a month-long study of Black-and-White landscape photography at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, taught by renowned landscape photographer, Kent Bowser.

Jeffrey had taken multi-image panoramas before digital cameras were available, but he became hooked on 360º photography when he got his first digital camera in 2001. He currently enjoys making Gigapixel Panoramas, and has managed to shoot “world record” sized images of Prague in 2009 and London in 2010.

Jeffrey started 360 Cities in 2006 as an evolution of Prague 360 which was one of the Web’s earliest “mashups” combining an online map with geo-referenced panoramic photos.

360 Cities was incorporated in 2007 with Angel funding and has grown its membership from seven original contributing photographers to thousands today. The site now offers tens of thousands of panoramas from over 90 countries worldwide. These panoramas are also available in the Photos layer of Google Earth where they are seen by millions every day.

Jeffrey Martin

Jeffrey Martin talk will cover some of the latest exciting developments of 360 Cities, including the impact of the mobile web (and tablets) on the market of panoramic photography; some of 360 Cities’ licensing deals with major newspapers and other on-line publications, bringing a new level of exposure to 360 Cities members and to the medium of 360º photography in general; The future of panoramic image creation for both amateurs and professionals; the tension between the mainstreaming and commoditization of 360º photography, and the opportunities for professional 360º to make a living.


Jeffrey Martin talk is a part of Day 3 of Palmela 2011 – The Conference and is scheduled to take place June 3, 2011, in the Cine–Teatro São João, Palmela.
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