After being an IVRPA sponsor for many years it is a great honor for Easypano to partner with the IVRPA at Palmela 2011. We welcome you to visit our vendor booth and speaking sessions to learn more about Easypano products and services. We will demonstrate for you how easy it is to stitch your images into a high–quality panorama as well as creating an interactive virtual tour with Easypano’s master products: Panoweaver and Tourweaver. During this gorgeous festival we would also like to introduce to you the improvements of our products and upcoming new versions with a series of long–expected features.

Panoweaver, the first product of Easypano, can stitch your rectilinear images or fisheye images into a 360° panorama in a few minutes in three easy steps. With its advanced features it can stitch images that have unexpected shooting errors. It also gives you the ability to add music or narration to your panoramas.

Tourweaver, the authoring product of Easypano, offers you the capability to integrate your panoramas with Google maps, pop-up Flash windows, hotspots and radars, along with many other useful components, into one tour. Being coding–free and with a low learning–curve, we are proud to say that it should be the most powerful virtual tour creator in the market. All work created by our two great products play like a charm on the cutting–edge iPhone and iPad.

Easypano has applied panoramic technologies to fields like crime scenes, maps, firefighting, tourism, education, and so on. It is worth noting Easypano is the first company in the world to build a panoramic map: City 8, in 2006.

It will be our pleasure to meet you at our booth and speaking session, sharing our knowledge with each other. You are also welcome to take a tour of our website to learn more about Easypano.

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