Aaron Spence – Thinking Outside the Circle

The Palmela 2011 Organization is pleased to announce Aaron Spence as conference speaker:

Aaron Spence
Born 1972, Brisbane, Australia.

Currently resides on the Gold Coast, Australia.


  • Aaron Spence has been a professional photographer since high school in the late 1980′s
  • He went digital in 1996 and headed deep into multimedia via interactive cd-rom and the web
  • In 1999 he combined his photographic and multimedia/interactive work to start shooting 360 Panoramas
  • From 2006 until now he has been developing and working with the technology of Panedia, which initially combined flash based panoramas with Google Maps, before the days of StreetView, and today encompasses many more technologies
  • Founder and owner of Panedia.com
Aaron Spence Panedia.com

Aaron Spence will bring us a talk looking at the many ways we can use 360 Panoramas to make additional income repurposing panoramic content for multiple mediums, by thinking outside the traditional circle of online interactive usage. From shooting to final output there are many considerations when looking to maximise return on 360 panorama production, both for personal work, and for the client.


Aaron Spence talk is a part of Day 4 of Palmela 2011 – The Conference and is scheduled to take place June 4, 2011, in the Cine–Teatro São João, Palmela.
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